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[3.0.x] Database Optimize & Repair Tool MODX

Optimize and repair phpBB databases from the Admin Control Panel.
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[3.0.x] Database Optimize & Repair Tool MODX

Post by VSE » Wed Aug 25, 2010 1:18 am

Adds the ability to optimize and repair your phpBB database tables directly from the ACP with a phpMyAdmin-like interface. Automatically disables your board to prevent unwanted activity during the optimization. You can select specific tables (such as only those having overhead) or all of them at once. Simple to install and use.

OPTIMIZE will defragment your database and can offer improved database performance.
REPAIR should only be used if you believe your database has crashed or corrupt tables.
CHECK will report on the status of tables.

  • Optimize or Repair tables directly from the ACP
  • Check tables to see if they are OK
  • Select individual or all tables independently
  • Displays table size and table overhead values
  • Option to automatically disable board during the optimize/repair process
  • Safe to use for large databases as it should not time-out
  • Actions are logged to the Admin log
  • Nice javascript interactions
  • AutoMOD compatible
  • Requires MySQL
  • MyISAM, InnoDB and Archive table types only
MOD Download: Database Optimize & Repair Tool
MOD Repository:


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