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How Does Similar Topics Work?

Display similar topics at the bottom of discussion threads.
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How Does Similar Topics Work?

Post by VSE » Wed Jun 09, 2010 2:36 pm

When you load a topic/thread, the title of that Topic is used to very quickly search for any other matching keywords in all the other topic titles on your forum.

Only Topic Titles are searched, not posts. So this is quite fast but also means that only topics with similar titles, not posts, will be found.
  • Similar topics will be sorted in order of decreasing relevance.
  • Similar topic searches are not case sensitive
  • Short words (less than 4 letters) are ignored
  • Stopwords are ignored (the, and, some, etc.) full list of stopwords
  • If a word is present in more than 50% of all topic titles, it is too common and is treated as a stopword and is ignored.
There are very simple settings in the ACP that will allow you tune the performance of Similar Topics too.

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