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How Does Similar Topics affect large and busy forums?

Display similar topics at the bottom of discussion threads.
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How Does Similar Topics affect large and busy forums?

Post by VSE » Wed Jun 09, 2010 2:50 pm

Because Similar Topics performs a search every time a topic page is viewed, there is understandable concern for how this might affect large boards.

Fortunately, this MOD (thanks to the code by Xabi) makes little impact on even the largest of forums!

Because this MOD only searches Topic Titles, and does so using MySQL Fulltext, it is very quick! It is literally no different than any other MySQL function that has to be run to bring up all the post data, user data and other info from your database.

In fact, Similar Topics will only add one additional MySQL query. In most cases, you should not be able to detect any difference in your forum's performance. However, the ACP settings will allow you to tune Similar Topics to best suit your forum's needs.

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