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What is the benefit of using Similar Topics?

Display similar topics at the bottom of discussion threads.
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What is the benefit of using Similar Topics?

Post by VSE » Wed Jun 09, 2010 2:44 pm

While it may just seem a novelty to list similar topics at the bottom of your forum's topics, the benefit is actually quite productive.

1. It has the potential to bring topics that may have been forgotten or gone unnoticed to a user's attention, and hopefully provide additional information to the user or even bring that topic back in to the discussion.

2. Whether or not a user made use of the "Search" function, the similar topics can provide an easy and convenient launching point for the user to read additional similar topics related to the current one being viewed.

3. If a user feels unsatisfied with the current topic, they have instant access to similar topics which could hold more useful information to them.

4. They can, at times, lead users to topics they might not have seen in search results or thought about viewing before.

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